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Experience. Understand. Model. Express.

Creating a culture of care by developing individual creative and social - emotional capacity through fine craft, play and performance disciplines.

We are creating learning methods and curating environments to offer each child the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to search out their distinct interests and develop their own intrigue and unique understandings.

Arts Integrated Children's Programs

GannTree approaches learning with robust programs developed in alignment with the EUME method, in practice with children.

GannTree programs are available for delivery direct from our artist educators to children ages 4-16 and also for licensing as an integrated training ground for SEL informed EUME pedagogical practice with the professional development training.

Chess Ballet Theatre (strategy and social)

Chess Ballet Theatre has been offering a multi pronged program combining music, dance, and chess. Children are immersed in the magical world of “Glittering Leaf Forest”. Which is narrated by the Storyboard Conductor to be a place of joy, dance, music, song, and play. As the Storyboard Conductor introduces the children to Glittering Leaf Forest the Songsmith introduces musical undertones which prompt the Storyboard Conductor to tell the students about “The Forces of Shadow”.

The Forces of Shadow are usurpers who have infiltrated Glittering Leaf Forest to steal the joy, dance, music, song, and play. These dark forces, led by their own dark king, do not understand the eternal abundance of the forest. It is the task of the Storyboard Conductor and the Songsmith to take the students on a journey of discovery through the land of Glittering Leaf Forest that culminates in defeating and forgiving the King of the Forces of Shadow; making the forest whole again.

Cardboard Kingdom (engineering & sound - instrument and costume creation)