Tune In With Tiff Sound Bath 1PM MARCH 26, 2023

Sound Bath

This transformative group experience is perfect for reducing stress, improving mental and emotional health, and connecting with like-minded individuals in a safe and nurturing environment. Awaken your senses to a world of peace, harmony, and well-being.

Immerse yourself in the magic of a Group Sound Bath with Tiff. Let the harmonious sound vibrations of singing bowls, steel tongue drum, and vocals transport you to a state of deep relaxation and inner healing.

Tiffany Hunter

Tune in with Tiff ~ Tiffany, is a, mother, vocalist, & Certified Sound Frequency Guide who brings her expertise & passion to help you on your wellness journey.

*Please bring yoga matt, pillow or comfortable blanket. Mined Magic crystal eye masks available to use on a first come first serve basis.

African Stick Fighting with Adam Myrie

3PM MARCH 5, 2023


Part dance, part combat system Tahtib is a martial art that dates back to Pharonic Egypt. The oldest representations of this are are over 5000 years old found on the Abusir Engravings. It was a stick fighting art used to turn the common farmer into an effective soldier on the ancient battlefield.

Modern Tahtib is the most recent incarnation of this living art. Part dance, part combat system, Modern Tahtib uses martial discipline and music to celebrate community, comeradery and unity.

Adam Myrie

Adam Myrie is the Chief Operations Officer of the Historical African Martial Arts Association. His role is to manage the functional infrastructure of the association. With a wide range of experience in various combat arts including Kickboxing, Modern Tahtib, El Matreg, and Filipino Martial Arts (PTK), Adam has been a passionate lover of martial arts history, theory, and practice.

A student of Dr Adel Boulad, the founder of the Modern Tahtib movement, he is one of the highest ranking students of this art in North America. Adam has also studied under experts in El Matreg such as Cheikh Belmekki Fatah and Cheikh Chadly Karamane. He currently trains in Pekiti Tirsia Kali with Justin Fernando in the Sabong Kali program at the Kombat Arts Academy in Ontario, Canada.

Adam is also the project manager of the Mamluk Project, which is an endeavour to translate Kitab Al Mazkhun Jami AL Funun, a martial arts manual from Mamluk Egypt that was compiled in 1470. As part of his research, he is attempting to reconstruct the martial traditions of medieval North Africa based on his understanding of the relationships between the living arts and his historical research.

Adam has an MBA from Ryerson University and speaks 4 languages. One of his favourite fields of study is that of African civilizations and military history. Adam is also a fantasy author, blogger, and voracious reader of poetry.


Steel the Sky Aerial Arts is a studio dedicated to development and growth through the aerial arts. This is a place to connect with yourself, others and the sky.

We teach the skill of aerial arts through progressions. Our focus is on somatic experience, form, technique and building capacity through an intimate knowledge of and relationship with the apparatus.

We want you to know why and how things work - the gravity, physics and anatomy. You will learn aerial "tricks" and "moves" rooted in the theoretical foundation of how they work - so you can create your own "tricks" and "moves" and truly Steel the Sky!

We believe in providing a safe space for all humans to grow strength of steel and be as expansive as the sky - in all our capacities!


"Pam is an amazing teacher. Her classes gave me confidence in and outside the classroom. She uses a range of creative techniques to teach everything from basic climbs to safe drops and much more. The warm up alone is worth attending. Her classes help you build strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina and rhythm of movement aswell as techniques to improvise for routines. Pam genuinely cares about her students, her energy is infectious and makes you want to smile even on your bad days. She can adapt to anyone's learning style. She has the patience of saint and you can be sure she will catch you before you even know you're about to fall. Her classes are great for any gender/body type and I have never experienced a more welcoming environment. <3"

"I've only just gotten started but already I feel like I have found home. I love the challenge, the strength and beauty to this art. Pamela makes it entirely accessible and makes the rawest beginner feel welcome and supported."

"I can not thank Pamela enough for all she have taught me and still does: she is a brilliant teacher and an amazing human being. I had just arrived in Canada when I decided to start aerial silk classes and Pamela's welcoming and supportive spirit gave me the confidence to begin and a sense of belonging. Pamela explains everything carefully and she has an awesome energy. You will leave the classes feeling great and looking forward to fly back to it's awesome environment."

"Pamela is the Ellen of silks teaching. She will challenge you - she will make you laugh and as you leave you'll realize you've done things you never thought you would be able to do.

She is able to celebrate your strengths, make fun of the hard stuff all while maintaining a high level of expectations re: safety (both emotionally and physically).”

I think Pamela was born to teach - She can adapt to any learning style and respects and celebrates the different goals that students bring with them to class. Pamela will get you to do things you never thought you could do… in your first class! This is a supportive learning environment where students and instructors cheer each other on and take joy in each others MANY successes. I always leave class excited about what I’ve accomplished, and even more excited for what I will do next. Aerial arts are exhilarating, joyful and therapeutic, and YOU CAN DO THEM TOO!

Gift Certificates

I know a special someone who would LOVE dancing in the sky. . . maybe I will surprise them with the gift of flight - but where could I find such an extraordinary gift?


Ideal candidates are able to dedicate time in-studio as well as self-directed time between classes. Spring Session 2023 is hosted on Wednesday evenings for 10 weeks from March 22nd to May 24th.




You want to fly!
You know you can fly!
We know you can fly!

Adult Mixed Level Classes

Join us in exploring what we are capable of in the sky. Our open mixed level classes give beginner and intermediate students a chance to grow together and learn from each others' journeys - while working with your own strengths at your own pace.


Send The Gift of Flight

I know a special someone who would LOVE dancing in the sky. . . maybe I will surprise them with the gift of flight! You got it!


Private Lessons

I want quality one on one time with my own private guide. Send us a message on the contact page for package options.

Contact Us

Party Time

It's your birthday, it's your bachelor(ette), it’s your freedom party: whatever we call it - it's party time and you wanna do it up fly!

Contact Us

Live Entertainment

You have an event.
We have entertainment.
The possibilities are as endless as the sky.


Add an air of elegance and decadence to your evening while respecting the carefully planned flow of events. Aerial artists transform your cocktail hour with a charming atmosphere.


Seamlessly transition from dinner to dancing by capturing your guests’ attention and imagination with astonishing aerial acts choreographed to enhance your theme and aesthetic.


Dedicate that special song to a special someone and truly make it a memorable experience with vocals from the sky.


Go above and beyond with personalized poetry. Melt and enthuse your guests with an aerial acrobat singing an original song crafted to tell your story through music and dance.


All aerial acts can be performed with a prerecorded track or with a live band. We work with amazing musicians able to provide any style of music including Classical, Jazz, Motown, Classic Rock, Funk, Blues and Pop. You don’t need a DJ to have a great night dancing to your favourite music.

Tell me more. . .

Video Production

From music videos, documentary shorts, educational and live performance videos to curated channel content and video media headers, we create professional and artistic digital presentations.

With our studio acoustics, lighting and rigging; our music, movement, choreographic and theatrical performance disciplines, we have the experience and collaborative collective to fulfil every video performance and production dream.

How can we bring your vision to life?


Boutique Chapel Studio: 70 James Street South, Hamilton, ON

Email: steelthesky@gmail.com

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18 and over is considered adult.

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September 2023
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